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Working in business management means taking on responsibility to lead your organ

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Working in business management means taking on responsibility to lead your organization in a variety of situations. Part of that responsibility is understanding where an organization has been and where it’s going. In this course, you put yourself in the shoes of a manager and use resources to make decisions on where an organization is heading in respect to business needs, organizational structure, leadership strategies, and change management. Some of the information needed may be easy to locate, but other information may take time and effort to find. Some may even need assumptions based on research. These research and strategizing skills will be useful in your business management career.
Select a company and learn about its history. This will prepare you for your Wk 2 Analysis.
Note: Some reports are more recent than others. It’s in your best interest to find a company with a recent (within 2 years) report.
Select 1 global company from “Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses” 
(Company that will be used is listed below):
Publication Details For “Air Canada SWOT Analysis”
Air Canada SWOT Analysis
Publisher Information:
MarketLine, a Progressive Digital Media business
John Carpenter House
John Carpenter Street
London EC4Y O0AN
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Bibliographic Records:
02/11/2021 to present
Full Text:
02/11/2021 to present
Publication Type:
SWOT Analysis
Publisher URL:

In an information-rich world, finding facts you can rely upon isn’t always easy. MarketLine is the solution

Peer Reviewed:
use for the next 5 weeks (this will sometimes be referred to as “your company”).
Create a chart or outline that conveys the following information:
· Name of company
· Industry
· Brief history of company
· At least 3 milestones from the company’s history
· 3 resources (in addition to Business Source Complete) where you can locate company information in future weeks. This may include company websites, current employees, journals, etc.
· Define 1 new unique business opportunity the company can do to increase their competitive advantage.
· Identify a function of management that is needed for this opportunity.

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