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The topic is the Halo Effect. (Suggested paper title: How the Halo Effect Affect

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The topic is the Halo Effect. (Suggested paper title: How the Halo Effect Affects our Perception) Using the references and annotated bibliography attached write a research proposal using  the following outline/structure and follow the suggested quantity of content for each element:
· Title – clear, concise and well-defined to explain your research question.
· Executive Summary – short summary of 100-250 words that includes the research question, hypothesis of your research, the research methodology and findings.
· Introduction (>200 words) – provide a background or context related to your research problem. It should include the purpose, background, significance, issues, variables and hypothesis.
· Problem statement (< 100 words) – clearly state the specific problem down to something that is researchable. Present it in a thesis statement and a hypothesis. · Literature Review (1000-1300 words) - conduct extensive background research and support your research question with ample proof from scholarly, peer reviewed sources. credible sources and research. There is additional help on literature reviews below in the section titled Additional Help. · Importance/Benefits of the Study (>250 words) – describe the explicit benefits
· Research Design (>400 words) – explains the phases of the research, sampling design, participants, data collection design, instruments, procedures, ethical requirements, etc.
· Nature and Form of Results (>250 words) – explain the anticipated form for the results to include the types and format of data to be presented for the expected audience. 
· Budget (>150 words) – summary of costs and expenses necessary to conduct the research.
· Schedule (>150 words) – summarize the major phases, timelines, milestones and primary deliverables. 
· Ethical considerations (>200 words) – must carefully consider data collection processes and participant rights.
· Implications and considerations (>200 words) – identify at least 2 implications and 2 limitations of the proposed study.
· References
Ensure the following requirements are met:
Follow  the outline, content structure, and length provided in the assignment instructions (above)
At least 3,000 words (excluding the title page and references pages) 
· Reference at least 10 scholarly (peer-reviewed) research articles. Eleven attached
· Use proper grammar, current APA format, and submit in MS Word format.
Do not reuse work from any previous courses you have taken.
Paraphrasing vs. Plagiarism
Due to the nature of a research proposal, you should have less than 100 words of quotation. When you directly quote a source, it must have quotation marks around the quote, or (if 40 words or more) it must be set in block quotation format. Using APA style citations provide detailed information of where you acquired the quote.
For the purpose of this academic paper, adhere to the following rules when quoting or using a source:
· Do not directly quote more than 30 words from any 1 source.
· If the source is 2,000 words or less, do not directly quote more than 25 words from the source.
· When quoting or paraphrasing, do not use the same source more than 3 times within the whole document.
· Quotes must follow APA style and contain the section (if provided) and paragraph or page numbers of the quote.
· In all instances, use current APA guidelines for citations and references.
The literature review portion of the Research Proposal: Final Assignment must not be a series of quotations and you must explain the quotation relevance/application to your proposal.  Because of this, paraphrasing is preferred to quotation since it demands an understanding of the material. You may email your instructor with any questions regarding the Research Proposal: Final Assignment.
Additional Help
Schindler’s (2019) chapter 17 provides a good orientation to all the elements of research and Schindler’s (2019) appendix a provides a solid orientation to the research proposal. 
You should examine a couple published literature reviews so you can familiarize yourself with what a literature review is and how it is set up. Below are 2 published literature reviews from the Jerry Falwell Library databases that will help you understand the literature review portion of the research proposal assignment (see Resources section for links).
Morgeson, F. P., DeRue, D. S., & Karam, E. P. (2010). Leadership in teams: A functional approach to understanding leadership structures and processes. Journal of Management, 36(1), 5–39. Doi:10.1177/0149206309347376
Stewart, G. L., Courtright, S. H., & Manz, C. C. (2011). Self-leadership: A multilevel review. Journal of Management, 37(1), 185–222. Doi:10.1177/0149206310383911

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