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Evaluate the NC curriculum using the link above (or a part of the curriculum)
using one of the 5 models presented in the presentation Create a outline/explanation of the model you plan to use. Prepare a general outline of what you will be evaluating, and some thoughts into the pros and cons from teacher/student perspectives. 
Some students have decided to do a broad overview of curricular decisions while others have decided to focus on one particular area (ELA, Math, etc.). Below are the criteria you should consider for the evaluation process:
• How was the curriculum chosen?
• Was there a specific process used? Or was it designated by the district?
• Was there research conducted prior to the selection process?
• Was teacher/student feedback a part of the profess?
These types of questions might help in deciding what to evaluate and which model most closely aligns with the selection process or the structure of the curriculum itself. 

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