Pick one of the following companies/products as a topic for research: -Pepsico/snacks -Patagonia/ winter outdoor apparel -kellog’s/cereal -coca cola/ dasani […]
You must start a thread before you can see your teammates’ responses.  Summarize your discussion with a final post that […]
Option #2: Marketing via Social Media Write an essay exploring social media in marketing. Choose a brand (or product) that […]
This assignment is the first step for your Final Paper in this course. Select one advertisement for a global product […]
Budget and Control International marketing Netfelix in UK market 1.Budget Assumptions Forecast sales(and Market share)and Costs (Capital.operating marketing,etc) Forecast Profitability(or […]
You will participate in a group project that will analyze and evaluate a retail store and make recommendations for improvement. […]
Write the intro & executive summary (about 250 words each) of an overall group project. All the information you need, […]