Question 1: What is the difference between SIGINT and IMINT and how are they used in intelligence collection and analysis? […]
Based exclusively on our class content(readings and discussions) conduct a critical analysis( detailed review) of Stronger in the Broken Places. […]
The previous two activities focused on international actors and their potential involvement in an intrastate conflict. In this assignment, consider […]
1.Conduct a Risk Assessment on a specific target in your community, a school, hospital, business or government office (be sure […]
Submit a readiness summary (750 words) based on the threat posed by domestic terrorists to the US. The report will […]
Humanitarian Intervention is the act of using outside military force to end threats against civilians within a state. Since the […]
Instructions For this assignment, you will select a homegrown violent extremist from North America that we have not discussed in […]
Please keep the current event in San Diego county You are required to complete a short assignment which involves a […]
In order to enhance economic security and eliminate extreme poverty, international organizations and state leaders promote development. Thus, the discussion […]
Respond to the following short essay questions: 1. Describe the challenges faced by US Customs and Border Protection agents attempting […]