Complete the attached worksheet. This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment […]
a) write a brief descriptive account of one Latin American nation’s independence movement, considering the duration of the movement (i.e. […]
Elements of this assignment: 1. Video or audio of the song. Embed the music video or song into your post […]
As you watch both of the lectures and do the reading, answer the following discussion questions to participate in the […]
Read the following articles from the Topic 5 Readings: “The Banality of Gilding: Innocuous Materiality and Transatlantic Consumption in the […]
What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week?  Just one discussion question! But […]
Analyze the relations between the Indians and the Spanish and English, assessing especially the thought of Las Casas, Roger Williams, […]
GUIDELINES The purpose of this research work is to demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of in-depth relationships in human development, […]
Create a founder with a religious vision and write the founder’s origin story (how and why s/he found a religion). […]
Identify at least one scholarly book or at least two scholarly articles. List sources in alphabetical order by the author’s […]