Please draw on your experiences and what you have observed to address the following questions and topics. Choose a market […]
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Farah Mohammed’s article, Why Are Diamonds More Expensive Than Water? (, as […]
Thoroughly review at least twice HANDOUT NO. 8, entitled the Exchange-Ratio Between Different Kinds of Money. HANDOUT NO. 8 may […]
Dear Class, The final term paper consists of two parts: four and a half pages on the macroeconomic impact of […]
Health or education of the people of El Salvador and how it affects development – 6-7 pages – Double Spaced […]
Outline Intro to the USMCA – 500 – What is the new agreement and why did it come about? – […]
Research paper:You will submit a research paper providing policy solutions to the problem you had identified. Paper should be 8-10 […]
Describe the role government should play in correcting for market failures. Make sure to apply our universities Core Values to […]
Learning Objectives To become familiar with trade economic models To assess the pros and problems with trade models To practice […]
Reflect on the content of the articles based on what you have learned on this course. You could do this […]