The concept of rape is, and has been, defined by society and the ideas of normative sexual behaviors. This is […]
On April 19, 1995, our nation experienced a horrific domestic (home grown) terrorist attack. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were […]
To further investigate special offender typologies and compare how they are similar and different to male offenders. Research one female […]
Refer back to the two news articles on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and do a quick web search for […]
Class characteristics are very useful to eliminate a person from being the suspect in an investigation. If a shoe impression […]
Paper 2 – “Explain why some authorities call the Hammurabi Code the first victim’s right law.” This paper will consist […]
Please watch the Ted Talk below and write your thoughts about it. What did you find interesting Ben Rich’s talk […]
You are to write a 1500-2000 word analysis on a juvenile justice topic. The topic can be of your choosing. […]
Research the difference between Organized Crime and Street Crime. Write a 2-page paper detailing the differences. The paper should be […]
Scenario: Tim and Rhonda just got engaged. They are having a small gathering to celebrate at a local restaurant called […]