You had the chance earlier in the week to perform an article critique on ANOVA testing and obtain peer feedback. […]
Research Proposal  Submit a 200-250-word research topic proposal. Include the following: A topic that is relevant to the period of […]
As a computer investigator for your local sheriff’s department, you have been asked to go with a detective to a […]
Use a Web search engine to search for local, state, and federal government agencies that deal with cybersecurity. You will […]
Imagine you have been asked to create a transition plan for an individual transitioning out of an institutional correctional facility and […]
Whether in a scholarly or practitioner setting, good research and data analysis should have the benefit of peer feedback. For […]
What criminological explanations for your identified crime trends can be derived from the UCR and/or NCVS databases? Describe at least […]
Instructions In this assignment, conduct a case study of Kent v. United States, In re Gault, and In re Winship. […]
Criminal Process: Arraignment to Pre-Trial For this assignment, you will examine constitutional protections for defendants prior to trial by providing […]
Discussion Board Topic: Undercover police work necessarily requires that officers of the law participate in activities that would, under most circumstances, […]