BC&J 353 Final Paper Instruction Due Date: Dec 18, 5:00pm (submit to the dropbox) Paper length limit: It should be […]
Informative speech written in an outline form. (Roman Numerals, letters, arabic numbers– doesn’t need to be perfect, content matters more […]
Review this one-page letter to persuade Costco Corporate for return approval of a laptop. Costco wants me to accept a […]
blog 1 What do you think is most important to consider when crafting effective messages: audience analysis, researching the subject, […]
The aim of this assignment is to develop your ability to use existing research to evaluate the effectiveness of government […]
PLEASE READ BELOW INFORMATION CAREFULLY!! Representation of Innovations in Media Response Paper Please submit a .docx or .pdf file electronically […]
Persuasive speech written in an outline form. (Roman Numerals, letters, arabic numbers). Outline doesn’t need to be perfect– the content […]
Social inequality playlist *– 10% of final grade. Starting early in the semester (and continuing through most of the semester), […]
Part I Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words Max 250: Is print media still useful? Why […]
You have spent all semester hearing from me. Living in a course I designed. Having to deal with my power […]