Q1:  How does intersectional analyzing affect our understanding of certain topics, issues, or groups of people? An intersectional analysis considers […]
This week’s required readings discuss the situations that make it more likely for children and the elderly to become victims […]
Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You will produce an individual illustrated journal of no more than 6no. A3 […]
Unit 3 Discussion: Volcanos and Geysers What is the most dangerous volcano? Research different volcanos found on Earth and defend […]
When explaining the structure of HIV/AIDS to the patient, always ensure that they should understand it and do not  use […]
Recently, social media companies have been under attack by the advertisers, media, and the public over controversial material posted on […]
The Federal Government recently ordered Anderson Dam drained and closed due to instability in the structure that could cause the […]
This research project will give you the opportunity to investigate an innovative material topic related to civil and/or environmental engineering, […]
Knowledge & Understanding: MLO1: Reflect upon, challenge and extend existing personal knowledge of your discipline. MLO2: Evidence an enhanced understanding […]
The assessment requires you to consider a single existing problem related to poor productivity in the construction industry, relating to […]