1.Please answer the questions below for this date 1935 B.C.Show your work! a.What is the equivalent B.C.E. date? b.What is […]
M2 Discussion Chinese family; !Kung at water hole; Iroquois harvest Anthropologists have noted connections between a woman’s “purity,” the development […]
There will be three components to this final assignment with an overview provided below: 1. Identify a health concern: describe […]
The topic for this research paper is COVID-19: What have we learned in one year of this pandemic. Research at […]
Assignment 2: Be An Anthropologist Mini ethnography Purpose: The goal of this exercise is to observe a ‘cultural scene’ as […]
The instructions are in french so french speaking person is preferred, not necessary. I have to write a 9 pages […]
I have about three pages I’ve typed from different sources, but now I need to use that information to complete […]
In this final written assignment you will be reading a book-length ethnography. In your analysis of the book you selected […]
Compare the works of Carleton S. Coon and Loomis Havemeyer regarding their views on race. Do they agree? If not, […]
ANTH100 D003 Fall 2020 Assignment 1: Be An Anthropologist Backyard archaeology Purpose: The goal of this Assignment is to observe […]