The social Structure of the eighteenth-century colonies were growing more open for some but not for others. Consider the statement […]
His Highness, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson How was Andrew Jackson a new kind of American president?  What can his personal […]
1-  The Statue of Liberty has a plaque that says:   “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses […]
Identify any two Articles in the linked document, and explain how they limited the power of the Congress, and its […]
Explain the fundamental values of American democracy. Contrast liberals’ and conservatives’ view on government Consider the current divide over cultural, […]
Overview The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on and share the things you have learned in this class. […]
The two documents you examined painted two different views of Christopher Columbus & his explorations of the Caribbean.  Answer your […]
Until rivers run dry…. Consider the depiction of Native Americans in The Searchers. How does that connect to the reality […]
The sleeping giant awakes World War II is often called “The Good War.” What does that mean? And was WWII […]
Overview The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the arguments in favor of and opposing the passage of the […]