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1:Write a brief summary of important points in the article “The demographic challenge: Desperately seeking people”, in the Special report: Germany in the September 25, 2021 edition of The Economist. Answer the following basic journalistic questions about the content of the article: Who? Where? When? What? Why?  What and why should take up most of your summary.  
2. In two or three sentences, describe how the article is representative of demographic processes and regional trends we have just studied in the foundation notes and two video slide lectures on demography.
3. Answer the parts of this question by referring to the maps as indicated above. Note that the map includes the former boundary between West Germany and East Germany.  During the Cold War, Germany was divided into two countries: democratic, capitalist West Germany and authoritarian, communist East Germany. They were reunified in 1989, but legacy differences persist.
a. Germany comprises 16 states, three of which are metropolitan areas (Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen). Based on the map data on population, how does the population size of former West Germany compare to that of former East Germany?
b. Based on the map data on GDP per person, where are people generally wealthier, in former West Germany or former East Germany?
c. The article about the car industry discusses how the industry is an extremely important contributor to Germany’s strong economy. How does the map pattern of motor-industry workers help explain the wealth divide you just noted in part b of this question?

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